Save yourself some typing time…

Many years ago, writer and full-time drinker Jeffrey Bernard, best known for his weekly column "Low Life" in The Spectator magazine, sometimes was in no fit state to complete his weekly missive. Vodka was usually to blame. Always in place of the column, the phrase “Jeffrey Bernard is unwell” was published. This has nothing whatsoever to do with this picture by the way!

Shed Theatre, South Bank. Copyright: Mike Kemp

Shed Theatre, South Bank. Copyright: Mike Kemp

Well this week I am struggling with RSI, so while I'm not that unwell, but I don’t want to type too much. Instead though, I will offer some advice, especially to those people who also suffer from this affliction.

If you work using a Mac, start using the dictation tool.

You can find it under System preferences, Keyboard, Dictation. Then check the box for Use Enhanced Dictation, and choose a shortcut. It takes a little while to download the file, and then you're good to go.

From then on, if you're writing a document or an email, you just hit the function key twice by choosing which shortcut you want to use, and the little dictation box pops up. It is quite brilliant.

So this week I'm just going to share one of my favourite pictures from my South Bank Project with you, and you can see plenty more by following this link…

You’ll be able to tell very easily what I was getting at here. Red and red, then guy wearing red cycles into the frame and it's simply a matter of seeing this about to happen and timing your shutter. My timing here was good, but I was also very lucky with the character on the left smoking a cigarette. Thanks to him the picture was complete.

So I'll leave it there this week, hope you like the South Bank Project site. I cannot recommend the dictation tool enough, and wrote the whole of this blog post using it. So yes, it actually works! Mostly.

I should hopefully be back up to speed within a couple of weeks, so until then.

Have a great week!