It's your duty to carry!

This weekend I was reminded of one of my 8 Essential Tips to Success in Street Photography. Which you can download for free using this oversized gold button at the bottom of this post.

So, this week, my ‘how I did it’ blog post couldn’t be more straight forward or a more important message.

Always carry your camera.

Ballet dancers in Wapping. Copyright: Mike Kemp

Ballet dancers in Wapping. Copyright: Mike Kemp

It’s something you will learn to do automatically, and feel almost uncomfortable without. I’ll get onto allowing yourself to take creative breaks another time, but for now, here’s why you should always have that trusty camera of yours with you at all times.

I'd decided to go to a shop in my neighbourhood, it’s only 5 minutes each way, but I put my little Fuji x-Pro1 around my neck before heading out.

A couple of hundred metres down the road I heard music, and it turned out this local Summer event was going on (I always seem to be the last to know about this stuff, so note to self: sign up to more local websites…) Anyway, it looked like the usual kind of thing. Kids playing with their families. Charity stalls and a bbq. Bored blokes standing around with pints.

Then I spotted the situation in this week’s picture, just a little off to the side. Now, it’s not the greatest picture of all time, but the point is it could have been. Nevertheless, it’s fun and certainly a bit of an odd situation. I like the picture, and didn’t miss the opportunity.

The lesson here is two fold. Missing an opportunity isn’t the greatest feeling, but importantly, you also want to learn to be at one with your camera. Comfortable with it’s ever presence around your neck, ready to shoot. As I have always said: You never know in a city, you can walk around the next corner and there’s a bloke dressed up as a human size beer glass, walking casually down the street.

It can happen and often does, so get yourself ready.

I know a lot of photographers, and only a few seem to have a camera at the ready. Many go out without one at all. But you're a street photographer. It's your duty to carry!

Have a great week!